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Religions have stood the test of time over centuries. But what is often not known is that almost all religions started as cults. Cults are very tight knit social groups that values secrecy and personal connection above everything else. Their worship and devotion have very personal aspects, which motivates them to keep the secrets of their beliefs to themselves. Christianity, one of the major religions of today also started as a cult. But the ideas of Christianity were soon spread by its followers with the goal of converting as many people as possible to the ideas of Christ. Christianity’s religious text, the Bible, was made available to everyone. And later people were allowed to convert if they showed any inclination towards the teachings of Christ. Soon, Christianity changed from being a cult to a widespread popular religion.

Christianity was only one of thousands of cults, many of which still exist in obscurity. Their principles, teachings and beliefs remain hidden from public, and the worshippers devote their lives to their cults and cult leaders. Some cults have stood the test of time, and when it stays for such a long time, its beliefs are inevitably made open. Similar to Christianity, Islam also was once a cult, that later came into its own as a religion. The newest religion Scientology is also no longer considered a cult as it once was. Scientology now has made its beliefs and views public, and has as a consequence gained many devoted followers. Some popular cults like Satanism, Sullivanians, Heaven’s Gate, Order of the Solar Temple, and many more have now dwindled in its numbers, but they still remain well-known.

Most of these cults and religions have religious symbols and drawings that signify important rituals, teachings and beliefs. These symbols are important representations and not only aid in separating one cult from another, but are also symbolic of the history and the goals of the cult. The mythology of the respective cults are also a part of such iconography. A lot of cults and religions use such culturally and religiously significant symbols in their rituals and traditions. These symbols are sometimes used as tangible representations of their goals and beliefs. Some of these symbols are intriguing and creepy for its symbolic significance and its uses.

Here’s a list of some especially creepy symbols and their meanings:

1.     Sigil of Lucifer

The Sigil of Lucifer is a mythical magical symbol that is used by modern Satanists. This symbol was first spotted in the ‘Grimoire of Truth’ during the sixteenth century. This symbol is known far and wide as one that is used in numerous rituals. The purpose of this symbol is to invoke the angel Lucifer. Lucifer is known as the ‘Fallen Angel’, and some even refer to him as ‘The Devil’. Christians believe that Lucifer was once an angel who was extremely powerful. However, Lucifer defied God, and therefore fell from grace, and was since known to be ‘The Devil’ or Satan. The Devil tempted man (primarily Adam and Eve) and exists to tempt Christians to follow the path of sin.

The Sigil of Lucifer is extremely interesting as it is often used by the followers of the Satanic cult. According to the Satanists’ rituals, the Sigil of Lucifer is used to conjure demons and devils. Once the demon is conjured, a bond is formed between the person who conjured it and the demon. The demon is now bound to the conjurer and is used to carry out their will.

Although the Sigil of Lucifer is widely used in current times, its existence can be traced all the way back to the time of King Solomon. King Solomon was popularly known for his dealings with black magic and involvement in occult practices.

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2. Lesser Key of Solomon

The Lesser Key of Solomon is a grimoire containing all the principles of demonology. This grimoire contains a list of over 70 demons, and the sigils associated with them. This book is widely popular, and still exists. In fact, you can simply buy the book from amazon! The book gives a detailed description of each of the symbols, what it means, and how to summon the corresponding demon.

According to the grimoire, one has to draw a magical circle, and stand inside it. A magical triangle must be drawn right outside the circle. The conjurer must wear the sigil of the demon that they are trying to summon. It must also place the sigil of that particular demon inside the triangle. Allegedly, once this is done perfectly, only then will a physical form of the demon appear!

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3. Sigil of Baphomet

The Sigil of Baphomet is what is popularly considered as the official symbol of Satanism. In this symbol, a goat’s head is drawn inside an inverted pentagram, with letters at each point of the pentagram spelling out ‘leviathan’.

The Baphomet is a deity that was worshipped by the Knights Templar. It symbolized an equilibrium of all elements, especially elements that conflicted with one another. This symbol has often been used by witches in rituals to bring forth ‘The Devil’ or a demon that they worshipped. Baphomet is also often represented as having the head of a goat, wings emerging from its back, and the body of a human sitting cross-legged. It also has a torch in-between his horns and a pentagram carved on his forehead. On its arms are carved the words ‘Coagula’ meaning ‘join together’ and ‘Solve’ meaning ‘separate’. This Sigil of Baphomet has for a long time been considered to be the most accurate representation of the Satanists’ belief.

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4. The Inverted Pentagram

Probably the most well-known of all satanic symbols, the Inverted Pentagram is often associated with Evil. It is often seen in almost all satanic temples, in Baphomet statutes and in most Wiccan temples and rituals as well. Also called the Pentacle, it is circle disk of clay or wax. These Pentacles are often also inscribed with other symbols, Latin letters and words, or other pictograms. These additional symbols on the Pentagram help to cast spell and ground the conjurer. They also help to focus the psychic and spirit energy.

There are various interpretations of what the points could mean. Some people believe that the five points of the Pentagram represents the five senses. Other people believe that they represent natural forces- air, wind, water, fire and earth. During rituals, the pentagram is engraved on the ground beneath. And then, the conjurer wears an amulet that also has it engraved. Some conjurers also have the Pentagram drawn on their clothes or skin. Satanists sometimes also believe that these amulets act as protective talisman. And, when a demon is conjured, these talismans allows the conjurer to control and command these demons.

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5. The Mark of the Beast

According to the Bible, the “Mark of the Beast” is usually associated with the Antichrist. This Mark of Beast is often associated with the number ‘666’ which is widely known as the symbol of The Devil. The number ‘7’ is often associated with everything holy and divine. The number 6 is the mark of unholiness, the opposite of divinity. Therefore, most people view 666 as being not just evil, but thrice as evil. Apocalyptic literature, which is known for its symbolism is full of references to the Mark of the Beast. This Beast is often represented with seven heads and ten horns. Those who worship the Beast are often considered to be in opposition to the ways and teachings of God. People often believe that conjuring this Beast or bringing it to the world in a physical form will kick start the apocalypse.

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Apart from these five, there are lots of other Satanist and Wiccan symbols that are worth mentioning. The Order of Nine Angels Symbol and The Brimstone Sigil are some other Satanist symbols. The Hexagram, the Ritual Circle, the Solar Circle, and Septogram are other powerful symbols in the Wiccan tradition. While there are lots of symbols that can be used in an “evil” and creepy way, most symbols are simply just that- symbols. They don’t inherently possess good or evil. That only depends on the person who is using them, and for what purposes they are being used.

Symbols like the Pentagram, Eye of Ra and the All Seeing Eye can be used for ‘evil’ purposes, but more commonly they are used for nothing more than protection. Similarly, all rituals are also inherently neutral- when used for protection they aid the conjurer in good deeds, and when used to wish ill on others, they become ‘evil’. So these symbols are nothing more tools for magic. They are wholly dependent on the person who uses them.